Why We Attend Tribal Earth - Tony Little

My wife, Linda, and I first attended Tribal Earth in 2010 at Pestalozzi Children's Village near Hastings after being told about the festival by our daughter who had attended the previous year. We fell in love with the atmosphere, the people and of course the music and workshops.

A couple of festivals later I was chatting to Chris Down and said “If you need any help then please ask”, fatal mistake as within a short time I was seconded on to the organising committee and now arrange for the stalls and sauna.

In the meantime my wife has joined the small decorating team that spend hours some weeks before the festival making decorative items to sprinkle around the site and in the main tent. Those who have attended will probably appreciate the walkway from the camping field to the main arena. This is done along with Janlynn Bales who I believe may have attended the very first Tribal Earth over 20 years ago.

As for highlights, there are so many and whilst I sit here and type this I am trying to form a list so in no particular order as they say on the TV here are a few:

  • • The sound bath
  • • Hot bucket showers
  • • Sauna
  • • The variety of music across the 2 sound stages
  • • The people we meet once a year who we have gotten to know
  • • Drum circles
  • • Atmosphere and friendliness
  • • Food and stalls
  • • Variety of workshops
It was such a shame that we had to cancel last year for obvious reasons and sincerely hope that we run in 2021 but if not we will be here in 2022 for a blast of a festival.

In closing I would like to thank all those involved in running the festival, not just the committee but all the stewards, toilet fairies, bands, Cliff (who you wont know) who puts up, takes down and stores our main tent and childrens area tent, Laughton Lodge for letting us host on their land, the farmer who lets us use his field for camping, etc, etc, but most of all it is the people who attend that really make the festival run.

Much love to all

Om Shanti

Tony Little