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Kid's have their own area and love it. Crafts, play ground, games, dressing up and they perform in the kid's cabaret.

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Every year the profits of Tribal Earth are given to a very special charity. Last year you helped us raise over £3000 for Pegasus. Charity No. 1110469

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14-17 August 2014 : Laughton Lodge : Laughton : near Lewes : BN8 6BY
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Tribal Earth is a wonderful experience; four very special days of family entertainment, workshops, camping, music and community spirit. It's one of the smaller festivals but is packed with things to do for around 500 lucky people.

PLEASE NOTE. Tribal Earth is here again and we are now on site. But do you panic you can still buy tickets. We can no longer actually send one out to you so simply buy your ticket to four fabulous days as usual and bring along your paypal receipt.
CLICK HERE to download the full band Line-up and workshop programme
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CLICK HERE to see the Site Map and start planning your Tribal Earth

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Tribal Earth Wellbeing Area

Welcome to the Tribal Earth healing area a place to come to relax, unwind, find relief from your aches and pains and give yourself a treat. Our therapist are all professionally qualified and insured and their prices are reasonable.

Ali Walters - Reiki Massage (deep tissue, pregnancy, Swedish, holistic, Myo-fascial release)

Belinda Bluebell - Thai Yoga Massage combining acupressure and gentle stretches, with applied yoga. In addition I offer sound healing in the form of humming, which can assist with pain relief, relaxation, and a sense of well being.

Caroline Minnis - Face and body remedies, aromatherapy massage, facial acupressure, Indian head massage reflexology and tarot readings

Julie and Harry Dalford - The Trager Approach is a gentle free flowing unwinding of the muscles and joints working through the structure of the whole body to bring a feeling of easy movement and deep relaxation to the body and mind. It is a way of re-educating the body to let go of unhelpful patterns..

Leticia and Quinto - Our unique therapy neutralises emotional patterns locked in the DNA which were causing difficulties and restrictions in your life. Quinto, using 7 unique glass encoders, carefully cleanses the energetic frequency field of your DNA while Leticia channels your ancestors.

Sadhu Valakhilyas and Greg Coppoletta

Personalized Yoga Therapy sessions instill dynamic alignment principles that restore harmony throughout the musculoskeletal system and beyond.
Through simple & highly accessible Yoga techniques that synthesize hands on therapeutic adjustments with conscious muscular articulation and breath awareness, relieve all manner of structural injuries and reinstate your body’s inherent balance.

4 Handed Massage
The ultimate pampering session in which recipients delight in the nurturing hands of two massage therapists simultaneously. 4 Handed Massage takes recipients into a deep sensory experience in which body and mind are rebooted, giving rise to a profound state of relaxation.

Sheila Finch - iRest Yoga Nidra based on the ancient teachings of meditation, developed by Richard Miller and associates. iRest is integrative, in that it heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind.

Suzi Baker - Shiatsu Massage

Duncan Disorderly

Presenting Saturday Night at Tribal Earth
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Duncan Disorderly & the Scallywags are not like your normal band. Its more a way of life! Living eating and breathing music. They live together as a community and Music is how they survive.
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With their world rhythms, positive lyrics and catchy melodies Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags ALWAYS get the whole crowd jumping whether its 20 people in the corner of a small pub or 5000 people at one of the UK’s leading festivals! They played at Tribal Earth last year - we enjoyed them so much we've asked them back.

Dr Bluegrass

Saturday Night at Tribal Earth
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Foot stompin', thigh slappin' bluegrass from the deep south (of England).
These guys are brilliant with a real twist. Saturday night at Tribal Earth is party night - It's a hoedown

Michael & Candida

Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino

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Nikki Slade

Nikki Slade

Nikki has pioneered voice and sound work in the UK since 1990. During her earlier career as an actress and singer she performed in venues including the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal National Theatre, developing the abilities to work with audiences large and small.
Initially, Nikki was inspired by the power of sound through the sacred chants of Eastern traditions.
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Nikki's website:

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Nikki , accompanied by Mark Fisher on percussion, is a firm favourite at Tribal Earth leading Kirtan chanting everyday for around 100 people in our beautiful Rajistani marquee.


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"I very rarely dance 5Rhythms, but my experience of dancing with Alive at Tribal Earth was deeply profound, their musical skill, sensitivity and intuitive playing allowed me to go on a beautiful inner journey with my body and dance. I only wished they did it in the South East more!"

Don't worry Narayani they're coming back to Tribal Earth

Alive! website:
5 Rythms
Medicine Movement

Katie Rose

Vibe Machine

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Vibe Machine is constructed with the finest hand engineered rhythm and rhyme.
Dave Pepper (vocals), Simon Gill (Rhodes Piano), Phil Stutely (Basses),
Miggy Barradas (Drum Kit), Viva Msimang (Trombone) and Tomoya Forster (Saxes).

Vibe Machine have been described as, “...ambitiously original...” and like
“Ian Dury bumping into Gil Scott Heron and the pair of them moving to LA to be produced
by Steely Dan, picking up a Memphis horn section, on the way”.

Check out their brilliant website:

Batch Gueye

Batch Gueye is a West African Griot, bringing his traditional music and dance from Senegal to the UK. Together with a tight band of exceedingly skilled musicians, Batch Gueye Band consistenly deliver striking recordings and dynamic live performances and lately won the World Music Network Battle of the bands!

Find out more about this amazing singer, dancer and musician.!
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Tribal Earth is a community based family event, therefore we ask you to respect everyones enjoyment, and if you wish to drink, please bear this in mind and act responsibly.

Dog Policy

Sorry ticket holders to Tribal Earth can not bring dogs to the gathering.


Tribal Earth is run by a voluntary committee with profits donated to charity